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Beauty Tips


Of course there are many natural remedies out there such as oils, nutritional foods, and nuts to help your hair grow long and thicker. However, at Fantastic Cuts we offer a high end quick and efficient fix to your damaged/dry hair. We have many straightening treatments, but one we recommend highly is the keratin hair treatement. The Keratin Therapy  is comprised of advanced, in-salon treatments that restore and restructure the hair by infusing a special blend of hydrolyzed keratin deep into the cuticle. The hydrolyzed keratin is bonded to the cuticle with heat from a flat iron to relax the hair's subcuticle layer, resulting in renewed smoothness and shine.



ombre, balayage, caramel on black hair

Here, is an image of an ombre highlight on one of our elite clients at Fantastic Cuts. Ombre technique highlights originated in Europe and became Victoria's Secret top hairstyle. This look has become an epidemic in salons, to complete this look you must tease sections of the hair and color the bottom of whats left. We only recommend salon products for coloring your hair for a long lasting healthy shine.

hairstyle style updo

Updo Styles are not as difficult as it may seem, but it does take practice and the right products for that sleek healthy shine. The biggest secret in styling your hair is how you part you hair before you style it. Section your hair piece by piece, tease each section, and curl the ends. After, design your hair wherever you feel best using bobby pins to hold the hair. Feel free to come in, and we would love to show you how our professionals complete a simple yet glamorous look like the image above.



Heres one of our favorite updo styles inspired by Audrey Hepburn, by L'Oreal Paris counsulting hairstylist Johnny Lavoy.

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